Our Donations

ecoLiveRock.org donates 100% of their profits for reef conservation

Where does ecoLiveRock.org donate the money?

We donate 100% of our profits to ICRAN, the International Coral Reef Action Network. ICRAN is a network, established by the United Nations, of many of the world's leading coral reef science and conservation organizations. ICRAN coordinates resources so that they translate into on-the-ground actions throughout the world's major coral reef regions.

What is the donated money used for?

Funds can be used in the following two categories:

(1) No-strings-attached funds: To be used to advance ICRAN's own projects according to their own agenda and priority list.

(2) Targeted funds:
To be used to fund entire projects to foster the sustainablility of the Marine Aquaria industry. Projects exclusively funded by ecoLiveRock.org (using target funds) will need to fall in one of theses two tiers:
  • Basic research projects to forward the sustainable aquaculture of marine ornamental species and live rock.
  • Capacity building projects to foster sustainable aquaculture of marine ornamental species and live rock, and/or the use of eco-friendly and sustainable fishing practices. Priority will be given to projects that focus on communities, within developing Countries, whose livelihood depends on the marine aquaria industry.
NOTE: We will not start funding entire projects (category 2 above) until ecoLiveRock.org grows enough to maintain them long-term. In the meantime, all our funds will be donated through our no-string-attached channel (category 1 above).