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When you buy our reef-safe tank-aquacultured Live Rock, we donate 100% of our profits for reef conservation (learn more). eco-Live-Rock is good for your tank... good for your pocket... and GREAT for coral reefs!

We make our Live Rock with our unique two-step process to ensure high surface-to-volume ratio, high calcium carbonate content, high porosity and most importantly, an incredibly natural looking appearance! Our Live Rock is really good... so good, that we backed it up with our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.
Also we have FREE shipping within Canada*.


*Minimum order: 20 lbs

CAD$3.50 / lb
Click here for wholesale: $2.80/lb
(100lbs or more for wholesale price)

This fully functional, fully cured and tank-ready Live Rock is a great economic alternative.

These Rocks are fully colonized by bacteria and diatoms, but coralline algae cover is still minimal.

Standard eco-Live-Rocks are also great nutrient scrubbers and slow-release of calcium and magnesium (learn more).

*Note that we cannot process orders of less than 20 lbs. However, PayPal will allow you to order any quantity including less than 20 lbs. We will refund and not process those (< 20 lbs) orders.



CAD$7.50 / lb
Free Shipping*

100% Satisfaction Guarantee*


This Live Rock is also fully functional, fully cured and tank-ready, but is has the added bonus of being fully encrusted and absolutely gorgeous!

Premium eco-Live-Rocks have been in our grow-out tanks many months (up to 2 years) and they have great coralline algae cover (learn more).