Premium eco-Live-Rock

Standard eco-Live-Rock

Fully encrusted and awesome appearance !

Also, when you buy our reef-safe tank-aquacultured Live Rock, we donate 100% of our profits for reef conservation (learn more). Get awesome Rock... and feel good about it!

CAD$7.50 / lb
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Fully cured and tank-ready.-
When your eco-Live-Rock arrives, simply add it to your marine tank (learn more).

Instant visual gratification.- These rocks have been in our grow-out tanks for many many months (up to 2 years) and are fully encrusted with crustose and coralline algae. These rocks are simple amazing! However, they do NOT have the nutrient scrubbing and slow-release of calcium benefits of our Standard eco-Live-Rock. They DO continue to leach beneficial magnesium as the limestone slowly dissolves.

Guaranteed Aptasia-free and mantis-free! Because we grow our rock in a controlled environment. We can guarantee that it will come free of pests and harmful organisms. This is a huge advantage!

Reef-safe.- Our eco-Live-Rock is tank-aquacultured, which means that coral reefs were not harmed in the production of this rock. Learn more about the environmental threats caused by harvesting Wild Live Rock.

Reef fostering.- We donate 100% of profits for reef conservation... learn more.

Weight vs. Size

Unique two-step technique.- Our rocks are made with our own process that produces lots of crevices, crannies and caves... Our rock has:
  • Incredibly natural-looking appearance (often nicer looking than wild rock).
  • Excellent long-term source of calcium.
  • Ingredients: Approximately 70% Nova Scotia granular limestone (50% aragonite, 50% magnesium carbonate) and 30% cement
  • Excellent porosity and surface-to-volume ratio. See figure on the right to get an idea of how light they are compared to its size.

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