Standard eco-Live-Rock

This is the MOST economical Live Rock in the market. Period!

But besides saving your pocket... you are also saving coral reefs! ...when you buy our reef-safe tank-aquacultured Live Rock, we donate 100% of our profits for reef conservation (learn more).

Normal price
(*minimum order: 20 lbs)

CAD$3.50 / lb

(orders 100 lbs or more)
$2.80 / lb


Standard eco-Live-Rock

y cured and tank-ready.- When your eco-Live-Rock arrives, simply add it to your marine tank (learn more).

Excellent nitrate-scrubbers.- Because this rock is still not fully colonized, there is lots of space for coralline algae to grow. The colonization process sequestrates nitrate and ammonia from your tank water and fixes it into the algae biomass. Once the rock is fully colonized this benefit stops.

Slow-release of calcium (“Kalkwasser) and magnesium.- About 30% of our ecoRock is cement, which produces calcium hydroxyde (also know as Kalkwasser) during the hardening reaction. Note that “Kalkwasser” is an (expensive) additive commonly used in marine tanks to replenish calcium used by corals. About 90% of the hardening and Kalkwasser production occurs very fast, therefore our eco-Live-Rocks have to spend several months in our "kuring" tanks, preventing the bulk of the reaction from occurring inside your tank (potentially raising the pH and harming organists). However the remaining 10% of the Kalkwasser-producing reaction occurs very slowly... which means that our Standard eco-Live-Rocks act as a slow-release of calcium for up to 1 year. Corals love this slow and steady supply of calcium! Once the rock is fully reacted this benefit stops.

The remaining 70% of our eco-Live-Rocks is made with Nova Scotia granular limestone containing 50% aragonite and 50% magnesium carbonate. As the limestone dissolves overtime is also releases magnesium which is essential for the healthy growth of corals, invertebrates and fish and no need for an expensive additive!! Because of the magnesium the limestone is darker in colour than pure aragonite giving your corals, fish and invertebrates a dark backdrop to standout!!

Guaranteed Aptasia-free and mantis-free! Because we grow our rock in a controlled environment. We can guarantee that it will come free of pests and harmful organisms. This is a huge advantage!

Reef-safe.- Our eco-Live-Rock is tank-aquacultured, which means that coral reefs were not harmed in the production of this rock. Learn more about the environmental threats caused by harvesting Wild Live Rock.

Reef fostering.- We donate 100% of profits for reef conservation... learn more.

Weight vs. Size ‎(note: photos show PREMIUM eco-Live-Rock)‎

Unique two-step technique.- Our rocks are made with our own process that produces lots of crevices, crannies and caves... Our rock has:
  • Incredibly natural-looking appearance (often nicer looking than wild rock).
  • Excellent long-term source of calcium.
  • Ingredients: Approximately 70% Nova Scotia granular limestone (50% aragonite, 50% magnesium carbonate) and 30% cement
  • Excellent porosity and surface-to-volume ratio. See figure on the right to get an idea of how light they are compared to its size.
*Note that we cannot process orders of less than 20 lbs. However, PayPal will allow you to order any quantity including less than 20 lbs. We will refund and not process those (< 20 lbs) orders.

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