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We have FREE shipping in purchases above CAD$70 (within Canada*).

So you don't pay shipping when purchasing as little as 20 lbs of Standard eco-Live-Rock... which is CRAZY GOOD!


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We ship via Canada-Post's Expedited ground service. Arrival time is between 1 to 7 business days, which is too long for fish or corals, but is just fine for our eco-Live-Rock products. However, orders received on Wednesday to Friday may be shipped on Monday to avoid your Live Rock to sit on a Canada-Post warehouse over the weekend.

We have conducted experiments placing our eco-Live-Rock in a cooler for over a week... the results showed no off-smells or die off.

So far we have not seen ANY rocks arriving with significant die-off... our experience is that you can place our eco-Live-Rock in your tank as soon as you get it.

HOWEVER, it is very important to do a quick test to see if your particular rocks suffered significant die off: Simply sniff inside the box as soon as you open it. It should smell ocean-like, but it should NOT smell rotten. If there was a significant die off there will be traces of hydrogen sulfide (rotten smell). Fortunately, our noses are phenomenal at detecting hydrogen sulfide... if there is any, you will smell it easily.

In the rare event that your eco-Live-Rock show significant die-off, you'll need to place them in a container with seawater (not in your tank), with a powerhead to create currents. Keep your rocks there until the rotten-smell goes away. This should happens in no more than a few days.

Also, remember that our products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

* There may be some VERY remote areas (like the Northwest territories) where we reserve the right to apply a shipping off-set charge. However from Victoria BC to St. John's Newfoundland, all major cities and settlements are covered in our free shipping policy.