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Keegan Whalen's tank

posted Dec 14, 2009, 6:11 PM by admin webmaster   [ updated Dec 15, 2009, 4:49 PM ]
Your live rock is awesome! It's affordable and looks better than most rock taken right off the reef. Any real hobbyist who can't see the benefit of this is pretty stunned. You are enjoying nature in your home while ruining nature in the wild when you take live rock off the reef! Soon enough there won't be reef to take live rock from. It'll be in collectors tanks for private enjoyment only. Only after it's been blown up into tiny little chunks first. This cultured live rock offers a great alternative and it fills a serious need.

I'm surprised there hasn't been someone doing this before but ecoLiveRock.org has taken the bull by the horns here.

I've posted a couple tanks I set up with eco-Live-Rock, I spent less than $100 and I would have had to spend more than $300- $400 at a retail store (depending on how bad you twisted the salespersons arm)...and the rock wouldn't have been as cool looking. I know I used to work in a pet store for over two years! Typically you spend $8 per pound for good quality, nice looking live rock ("Fiji" Rock). if you know anything about retail you k now that rock doesn't come from Fiji...maybe a company named Fij, at best.
Most live rock is big and chunky but because of how this eco-Live-rock is made it tends to look considerably more ornate! Why waste your money on an inferior product. Save money, buy local, buy better quality and save the wild reefs; all while making a reef of your own!

Keegan Whalen, satisfied customer

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
14 December 2009